Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mid-July Empties

1. Dial Naturals Hand Soap in Tangerine & Guava
Words cannot describe how amazing this smells! It is the perfect summer fruity smell, I LOVE it! I am considering buying the body wash form when I am in the market for body wash! Buy this again? Heck yes I am! I love it!

2. Gillette Satin Care with a Touch of Olay Shave Gel with Shea Butter
Meh. Can I for one say that I think it is weird that this product comes out blue? When I first used it I thought "wait... it's blue... is Gillette sure they teamed up with Olay, because it seems like the teamed up with Dawn!" because it even kinda smells kitchen soapy! Haha. But, all in all, this shave gel is ok. I did feel like it moisturized but it was amazing or anything. Something about the blue-ness makes me hesitate though. I don't think I will buy this again, if only because I think I like the texture of shave lotions rather than shave gels. The bottle did seem to last for a really long time and it's cheap! So I am resort to this product again if I find myself in super budget land.

3. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Ultra
These are a great staple, and what girl doesn't love a good pore stripe or face mask right? I love the whole pore stripe concept, and probably would love these like I used to, but having used the Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips last year and LOVING those, it's hard to go back to the drugstore version. I do love the new Biore rewards system though! (I know, I'm such a sucker for coupons, rewards, and freebies!). Buy again? Quite likely since the Boscia ones are SO expensive and I can't justify it right now. Plus, hello rewards points!

4. & 5. Tresenne Split Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner.
See my review of this product in my previous empties post here as my opinion hasn't really changed with further use.

6. Sephora Brand Snag-Free Hair Elastics
I love these. I love the matchbook packaging (though would be awesome if it was half sized). I love the black color. All around fabulous! Re-buy? Definitely! Any time soon? Perhaps. But might try out the drugstore Goody Brand ones just to see how they compare because I imagine they are super similar and the you get way more of them in the Goody package. However I LOVE that the Sephora ones are only $3.50! A STEAL right? :P

7. Bodycology Wild Poppy Nourishing Body Cream Sample
I got this sample for free via the Bodycology facebook page and I am so happy I did! I LOVE this new scent! Someone take me to a Target now, I want this in my life! I am staring down my full Nivea lotion because that is what is preventing me from running out and buying this body cream right now! Haha. Added bonus, the sample came with a coupon too!

8. Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub
I liked this but I wouldn't say it is anything special. The texture kind reminded me of the Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Daily Exfoliating Gel Cleanser of my past, but otherwise I am not dying because this product is out of my life. I like the idea of a daily scrub though. I've been using a lot of gel and cream cleansers without scrubs recently, and I think I need a little more scrub in my life! haha. Considering trying out the other Aveeno daily scrub for brightening though!

9. Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel
To bad I didn't get this sample sooner, I could have included it in my Simple Skincare Overview Post. I got this sample a while ago when CVS was giving them out for free when Simple first launched in the US. I found myself quite enjoying this simple (har har) wash. It really is a no frills gel wash, but that is what I liked about it. I imagine my feeling is kinda like why people like cetaphil. It just is what it is, and nothing more, and that's all we really want from it. It washed without drying, and it never stung or anything. Buy again? Perhaps. Though I am not interested in trying out their Moisturizing face wash because it might be just the kind of thing I'll love even more! Anyone try that one yet? What about the scrub? (Maybe I need to just buy every product! haha. I feel like I've reviewed about half of them by now!)

10. Comodynes Urban Cosmetics Self-Tanning Intensive & Uniform Color Towelette
I got this (along with a second one that I have not used yet) in my June birchbox and was excited to try it because I've never used a tanning towelette before. I gotta say, I really like the concept of it! The only thing holding me back from loving it is the fact that it had that faux-tan smell the next day, and I did have one issue of blotchiness but I do think that that was my own dang fault, haha. I found this to be super even, and it did actually last a good long time! Even as it was fading I didn't have issues with streaking or anything. The blotch that I had was from washing my hands after application and I think I had dripped some water on my leg or something. Also, I love that it said to moisturized before application because I really think that is what happened it too look so great and natural on me! The one toweltte covered both of my legs evenly. At first glance I thought one leg tanned less than the other, but once it fully set they were exactly the same! I totally understand the hype of these now! I would love if this brand made a less "intensive" version. Then I would want to do my whole body!

11. Mario Badescu Skin Care Drying Mask Sample
I quite liked this mask! I loved the weird drying feeling it has after you wash it off. I smells weird though so definitely not something for prior to date night, etc. Buy the full size? Not sure given the price. Loved the sample though! Mario Badescu is awesome about samples. I got six for free just for filling out a survey thing. You should try it out!

12. Mario Badescu Skin Care Strawberry Face Scrub
LOVED! This scrub! I loved that it wasn't that scrubby. All that makes it scrubby is strawberry seeds which is a nice light scrubbing feeling. The smell is amazing too. I think I really will buy this in the full size! Or maybe try out the Kiwi one!

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